3D Models

I've been modeling in Blender for over 7 years. My best models are free on Sketchfab and can be viewed below. I've recently picked up Substance Painter and have been using and learning it for over a year.

3D render of a Triumph Dolomite Sprint


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You can hire me on Fiverr to make you a 3D model! I do PBR props mainly for games but have done models for movies and web apps as well. I have had great feedback from buyers and love doing it.

I charge

$10-$40 Per Model

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A compass, medium poly, face designed in Illustrator.

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Horse-drawn Stagecoach

Stagecoach with working doors, full interior and high detail.

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A paintball mask with high detail and realistic textures.

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Chess Set

A chess set made using one reference picture. Chess pieces sourced from Thingiverse.

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Book Cabinet

A book cabinet, book graphics made in photoshop using edited antique book covers from online.

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Cauldron and Table

A couldron and a table, buyer allowed copyright to stay with me so I sell the table on CGTrader.

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Tea Set and Table

A tea set, high poly table, low poly tableware. Made as a replica of this model by 1d_inc on Turbosquid.

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Pram and Wall Clock

Victorian pram and wall clock. The pendulum uses radial anisotropy for the brushed metal look.




Gourami - Luxury Saloon


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