I am Fishboe, I specialise in 3D assets, game development and C# programming. I currently work in 3D modelling and develop games in my spare time.


As a kid I was facinated with 3D video games and animations and decided to make it my lifes mission to learn to create my own 3D media. In 2013 I started learning Blender and creating ugly basic models and animations, slowly building my skills up to a professional level.

Who I am

I'm creative and obsessed with perfection in everything I do. I have odd niche interests like vintage clocks, 90s luxury cars (my car channel) and touching fishes. I'm 5' tall, have autism and a massive love for fish, obviously.

Fun Facts

• Youtuber ImAllexx once tweeted out my video.

• I have a fish tank.

• I made this entire website myself.

• I eat fish.