I studied game development in college and I love to make games using Unity and Roblox. Here you can play my Unity games and view my Roblox games.



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Roblox Games

Destroy Donald Trump (2018-2021)

First made in 2018 as a simple destroy statue game. Later on in 2019-2020 the game blew up in popularity I assume because of Trump becoming more controversial, so I updated it and added things. Finally on Febuary 13th 2021, the game was deleted by Roblox moderators for being too political. The game reached over 610,000 plays, generated over 20,000 robux in earnings and was enjoyed by hundreds of people a day. It's sad it had to end, it was a lot of fun.

The latest version of the game included a point system where you collected points by destroying trump. There were goals to reach that gave your weapons more damage. The terrain was also destructable which helped make it look more chaotic and fun!

Destroy The Buisness Man (2022)

A successor to the Destroy Trump game, using the same model and updated scripts this game has pretty much the same concept. Only addition being a shop where you are able to buy weapons with points. His face will also react to being shot which is a nice touch.

Clapham, Yorkshire (Upcoming)

A game early in development based in the village of Clapham in Yorkshire. A realistic roleplaying/simulation game with a focus on vehicles. Will include real life buildings along with occasional fictional buildings and road layouts.

I will periodically add new screenshots here.

Hopefully sometime 2023 or 2024 the game will be fully complete.